Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gravity Defying Yoghurt??

Is that what has happened to this Glenilen yoghurt? Or are your eyes deceiving you? I'm a great fan of these yoghurts (especially the raspberry flavour). They come in fab glass containers which are perfect for making individual desserts in. These are actually vanilla pannacottas with a strawberry topping. The recipe comes from the original blogger herself, Clotilde. She says they take about an hour in the fridge to set, at this stage mine were still liquid!! They took a good 3-4 hours to be suitable for serving and are really best made the day before. Even when 'set' they are still quite wobbly - this is the way I like pannacotta but I think if you turned them out onto a serving dish they would probably collapse. But why would you turn them out when they look so pretty like this?


Rachel@fairycakeheaven said...

Kate these look gorgeous, I love these yogarts aswell especially the one with the blueberry in it. Must try these to!

Kate said...

mmm... I love blueberries but I've never found these in blueberry. Where do you get them?