Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Probably the best..........

Chocolate chip cookies in the world

I first came across these on Orangette's blog, though they are originally came from the New York Times. I made two batches, one with 24 hours of resting the dough and the other with 48 hours. Both were good but the second lot were a bit easier to handle. The great thing about resting the dough is that you can come home from work, stick the oven on and 15 mins later have yummy fresh cookies to hand. I pretty much followed the recipe to the letter except for using ordinary plain flour for both 'flours' specified and I got 24 enormous cookies from the recipe.

P.S. I used chocolate chips that I bought in Cacoa Sampaka in Barcelona. They were great as they are really small and you get a nice, even distribution of chips throughout the cookie. Does anybody know where I can get ones like these in Ireland? (I found them in one shop but it would have been over 10 Euro for the chips for these cookies!!)


Deborah said...

You can get awesome Belgian chcolate chips at Musgraves. Milk or dark. Really top quality. You can also order some from Jane Asher in the UK, but if I recall, shipping is quite a rip-off.

I didn't have as much luck with this recipe. Course I've tried, and I estimate, about 300 chocolate chip cookie recipes before finding my favourite. I think it's an individual thing! :)

Rachel@fairycakeheaven said...

ooo cookies, yum. and do you know I never make cookies really!! ery strange indeed, must try these though.

In relation to the chocoalte chips, there's a chocolate parlour near to me, would you like me to source the chips for you??? Just drop me a mail

Donal said...

I've heard all about these cookies- I had a favourite Chocolate Chip cooke recipe but it's long lost now so I think it's about time I tried this recipe!

Kate said...

Deb: Musgraves you say, I think I'll be borrowing my friend's card and having a look there. Thanks for the tip.

Rachel: You live near a chocoalte palour!! Can I live where you live please??

Donal: try these, they are worth it