Sunday, February 3, 2008

I've been tagged

This is the first time that I've been tagged

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Firstly I was tagged by Rachel at Fairy Cake Heaven

5 random and/or weird facts about me
1. I swam competitively until I left school
2. I have more than 50 pairs of shoes
3. In my day job I work as a physicist
4. I have an uncanny ability to remember numbers - this can be dangerous when it means that you know your VISA card off by heart!
5. When wearing heels I'm more than 6ft tall

5 top places on my "want to see or want to see again" list
1. Italy: I've been once, on a family holiday as a teenager and it whetted my appetite (literally!) for more. But we're June.....on our honeymoon. I can't wait, we're going to Tuscany and are going to move around over the two weeks. A few days lounging by the pool in a villa, a few days exploring the towns and cities and we may even sneak in a cookery course for a day or two.

2. India: We love Indian food, one of our best friends is Indian and we have had the pleasure of his cooking here in Ireland. But also five years ago we went with him to visit his parents in New Delhi, from this base we took day trips to Jaipur and Agra as well as a few days up in the Himalayas. Visiting a country such as India with a native is just fantastic experience, eating in roadside stalls that you wouldn't be brave enough to try yourself, going to the restaurants that tourists never hear of. We had dinner in the houses of a number of his relatives, the Indian way of dining involves a selection of dishes placed in the centre of the table from which you select what takes your fancy. This is a great way to try a wide variety of dishes, although we both came away with the view that there is no such thing as a good Indian dessert (they are all far too sweet). On our last night, on the way back to the airport, we had dinner in Bukhara in the Shereaton Hotel - that year it was voted one of the top 50 (and best in Aisa) restaurants in the world by Restaurant Magazine. We got to go into the kitchen and see them putting the family-sized naan in the tandoor - one man puts it in while another holds his legs so that he doesn't fall in. It was an absolutely fantastic meal, classic North Indian dishes but just really well done as well as the best dahl I've ever had. India is hot, noisy, chaotic but magic and we can't wait to go back.

3. London: because I've never been. I know it seems odd to say that, I've been in all London's airports but always on the way to somewhere else. It's just that when it comes to a weekend away it seems so expensive compared to Paris or Barcelona.

4. Dubrovnik: I spent less than 24 hours here last summer and I really want to go back and explore it further, it's gorgeous and all around this region you can get fantastic fresh fish for dinner.

5. Wexford: my hometown. Now I have no particular desire to move back there but there is something special about Wexford in the summer, fabulous beaches, buying strawberries on the side of the road. Oh and in "La Dolce Vita" it has what Tom Doorley described as "some of the best Italian food in the country".

5 people I'm going to tag
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jen said...

You're on!

My MIL is from Co. Wexford. We've often been down that way for visits as her youngest brother still runs the family farm. Both the beaches and strawberries are fantastic - happy sunny memories :-)

BJM said...

Hey I will do it when I have a chance! Ask the G-Man, we are so busy we have not even had time to talk! In fact tell him I said hello!


your blog makes me hungry