Sunday, September 14, 2008


Until today I didn't really understand the allure of cupcakes. I think I was comparing then to fairy cakes from my childhood birthday parties. But cupcakes really are in a different league, moist in the centre and topped with a creamy icing (or 'frosting' as its American originators would call it). I got both of these recipes from Lorraine's site. The chocolate ones were my personal favourites, the hint of coffee means they really are 'grown-up' cupcakes, I topped mine with a cocoa covered coffee bean. I was less successful in my icing of the lemon ones, I suggest you add the lemon juice slowly in case you have a very juicy lemon like me!!

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lorraine@italianfoodies said...

Hey Kate, delighted to see they turned out so well. I too loved the chocolate even though I would normally choose anything lemon over chocolate. They were just so moist and full of flavour. Re the lemon, the one I used was a bit old and small so probably not as juicy, I should probably change it to 1/2 a lemon. I made strawberry and white chocolate cupcakes yesterday which were yummy too but still not as nice as the chocolate:)