Tuesday, January 1, 2008

After a year in which I discovered food blogging - opening up a whole new world of recipes and new ways of doing things (I never heard of 'brining poultry' before) - I've decided it's time to join the fray. I spend most of my spare time thinking about food - what's for dinner, how to use that new ingredient, what cake am I going to make this weekend? While I obviously like the final product, I also enjoy the process - browsing my (extensive) collection of cookbooks for ideas, going to the butcher's, the fruit+veg shop, setting up in my kitchen and finally sitting down with family and friends to enjoy the results.

I'm not a fancy cook - although I do enjoy a challenge - and I have no professional training, so I hope what you see on these pages will inspire you to pick up a whisk and start cooking with me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
Welcome to the bizzare world of blogging, and food blogging espescially. I hope you enjoy the addictive aspect to photographing all your meals before you eat them too! I'll add you to my links and hope to see you at the blog awards